What Is the Difference Between Vertical Slurry Pump and Horizontal Slurry Pump?

May. 20, 2020

Slurry pump is a type of centrifugal pump, mainly used to transport a mixture of water and solid particles. Generally, it is mainly composed of ore pulp, ore sand and mud. Slurry pumps can be divided into vertical slurry pumps and horizontal slurry pumps. So what is the difference between a vertical slurry pump and a horizontal slurry pump?

01 Horizontal Slurry pump

1. Product characteristics of horizontal slurry pump:

Using mechanical seals, most parts can be interchanged, improving service life. Simple operation and convenient maintenance; in addition, the horizontal slurry pump machine has low running noise and low vibration; strong and durable, long service life, spacious flow channel, and good corrosion resistance.

2. Application of horizontal slurry pump products:

It is used to transport ore pulp or other heavy medium liquid weighting agent. The ore pulp concentration is 50%. It is an indispensable equipment for metallurgy, mining, coal, construction and other departments to transport ore, sediment and ash. It is mainly used for conveying concentrate slurry and tailings in concentrators. It can also be used for conveying medium in coal preparation plant, high temperature and crystallizing slurry in aluminum plant and slurry in cement plant.

3. Product principle of horizontal slurry pump:

It is driven by a motor through a triangle belt pulley, and the impeller under the rigid shaft is adjusted to rotate clockwise. The ore slurry enters the pump chamber through the feed port and outputs the ore slurry under the action of the impeller.

02 Vertical slurry pump

1. Features of vertical slurry pump:

The auxiliary impeller is used to reduce the back pressure of the impeller and extend the life of the seal. At the same time, the flow parts are made of white wear-resistant cast iron, which is resistant to abrasion. The pump's over-flow parts and lining are made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant wear-resistant rubber, which makes its life longer. In addition, the vertical slurry pump has the characteristics of light weight and easy installation.

2. The principle of vertical slurry pump:

The pump body, the bearing seat and the solid connection impeller at the lower end of the vertical shaft rotate in the rolling bearing. The two ends of the bearing seat are pressed by the gland and the rolling bearing, and at the same time, the lubricating oil of the bearing must be sealed and leak-proof. The pump body is equipped with a motor bracket and a motor. The impeller is rotated in the pump chamber by a triangle belt rotation, and the pressure of the impeller is used to press the ore slurry. Out. In order to prevent the infiltration of mineral sand into the bearing, a centrifugal wheel is installed on the main shaft.

3. Application of vertical slurry pump:

It is mainly used to transport mud, mortar, ore slurry and similar liquids containing suspended solid particles. Such as oil drilling mud purification system, concentrators transport concentrate slurry, tailings, slime, etc. It is suitable for conveying abrasive or corrosive slurries in various mining, chemical, electric power, building materials, agriculture and other industries.

Vertical Slurry Pump

Vertical Slurry Pump

03 Summary

The vertical pump is also called a submerged slurry pump. It is a long-axis submersible pump. It can be immersed in the liquid, and can work normally under the condition of insufficient suction. It is suitable for conveying the slurry of the tank below the ground, because the horizontal pump usually has no suction stroke, and there is no way to transport the digging tank.

The horizontal slurry pump is a horizontal pump installed on the ground, and usually needs to be installed in the reverse irrigation mode, so that the slurry can automatically flow into the pump cavity without turning on the pump.

1. Starting method:

The vertical submerged slurry pump does not need to be started by backfilling. The impeller is located under water and has good suction performance. Therefore, it can use a higher speed and can work normally under insufficient suction conditions. installation.

2. Installation area:

The vertical submerged slurry pump covers a small area and is light in weight. If the unit of the slurry pump is limited, you can choose the vertical submerged slurry pump; the horizontal slurry pump has a large area and requires installation. Very large area.

3. Structural features:

The vertical submerged slurry pump has a single pump casing structure; the horizontal slurry pump has a double pump casing structure.

4. Maintenance:

The working part of the vertical submerged slurry pump is below the liquid surface, which is inconvenient for maintenance; the horizontal slurry pump is located above the water surface, and the maintenance is convenient.

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